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Why Your Small Business Needs to be on Instagram

If you have been on the fence about trying instagram, now is the time to hop off. Many people thought Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was insane when he purchased a photo-sharing app for $1 billion back in 2012, but he clearly knew what he was doing. Today there are over 1 billion active Instagram accounts[…]

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Where to begin? Helping Define Small Business Marketing Priorities

According to Pounce Marketing, it is so hard to know where to spend your money when it comes to marketing your business. There are more ways than ever to reach your potential clients – but before you start spending money out of fear or desperation – it is important to ask yourself; what is the[…]

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Commit to Broadening your Sphere of Influence this year.

Each year, small business owners engage in exercises to determine where the majority of clients and leads materialized during the previous year. If you aren’t doing this exercise, you should consider it – the results may surprise you. For the past two years, I determined that the majority of my business comes from personal referrals[…]

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Don’t cool off on your Marketing Planning this Autumn

Is fall your busy season? Don’t get too comfortable! Although fall is a fairly steady season in most industries, winter can hit small businesses hard for a variety of reasons. No matter how busy you are finding yourself in Q3 and Q4, you should set aside time to have a plan for nurturing leads and[…]

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Terrified of failure? Take more risks.

Throughout my career, I’ve tended to internalize feedback to my work – especially negative feedback.  Even if criticism wasn’t intended, I would analyze every sentence, statement and word and roll it over in my head. It is not that I become defensive, or reactive – I just dwell a little too long on things I should[…]

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Ramp it up this winter with these 5 free marketing ideas

For many small businesses, winter is considered a slow season. Take advantage of this opportunity to jumpstart your marketing for the year. Here are 5 free simple strategies for marketing your small business this winter. Get yourself out there. Winter is a great time to build your network in your community by getting together with[…]

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Happy New Year, Baby.

  Well, J. Stafford Marketing is experiencing our first New Year and we are ready to take on 2016. Since we are only a few months old, resolutions seem a little, well, unwise at this time. Perhaps we can settle for some reasonable goals? Personally, 2015 was quite a doozy. I am learning how to[…]

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When it comes to social, sometimes less is more.

I cringe every time I hear marketers tell their customers or clients about all of the places that they “need to be” on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Periscope…I watch the eyes widen and glass over.  This is an intimidating list for most small business owners. Starting out with my own[…]