November 9, 2015

Customer Communication

Does this look like your small business marketing to-do list?
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Update the website. Optimize the website. Create a newsletter. Start email marketing. Send a postcard. Get involved in the community. Undertake grassroots marketing initiatives. 

That is a lot of ground to cover. But – each time your prospective or current customers hear from you, it reinforces your relationship, and makes them think of you and the services that you offer. People need to hear from you a few times before they will take the action that you are hoping for. Let us help you make a plan for reaching out to your audience, and help you execute it.

We can help you communicate to your customers through:

    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Print Marketing
    • In-person events

Contact Jeanne today to set up your communications plan. Email her at or fill out the form below.