Is your Business Instagram Profile Optimized?

Is your Business Instagram Optimized?

In my last post, I talked about why you need to be using an Instagram for your small business.

Hopefully you are using instagram to share products, ideas and behind-the-scenes peeks into your business through posts and instagram stories. One very key piece of using instagram to its full potential though, is by making taking the important step of making sure your profile set up and your bio and photo are optimized and discoverable on instagram.

Follow this checklist to make sure your instagram profile set up and bio are working hard for your business.

Instagram Business Setup

Make sure your account is set up as a business profile

In your Instagram Profile, navigate to your settings. Choose the option to switch to a business profile. You will need to have a facebook business page set up to be able to use this option. By becoming a business account, you have improved contact options, are able to run ads and view analytics on your posts and stories, as well as learn more about your audience.

Make sure your profile is public

Don’t hide from your customers! Make sure your profile is set to public. If you are using hashtags in your posts to be found, but your profile is private, no one is seeing those posts! Plus, if people tag their friends in your posts, or want to message your posts to a friend, you are hindering their ability to do so by having a private account. Business accounts should be public.

To change your Account Privacy, navigate to your settings, and select Account Privacy. Make sure your toggle appears like this image.

Add all of your relevant contact information into your profile

When you have a business account, make sure to fill in your contact information COMPLETELY. Many consumers are shopping online exclusively through instagram, and more and more are doing so each day. Make it easy for your customers to reach you through your profile.

This information includes:

  • Website
  • Phone
  • Physical Location or Address
  • Email

Use an app (like LinkTree) to manage your links

Sometimes, it is SO frustrating to only be able to have one active link on your instagram profile..but, there is an app for that! Now there are actually several. My favorite free app is LinkTree. You are able to add multiple links using the app and the user is able to find them all in one, clean place. Run your promos, link to other social channels, and share your blog posts through instagram all using this app.

JeannoJN Linktree

Be creative with your profile content, and change it up regularly.

You have 150 characters, use them wisely! You will want to use 1-3 hashtags in your profile so that you appear in search. You will want to include emojis, since…well, everyone loves emojis — but instagram users really adore them. Type your instagram profile in your Notes app on your phone and then copy and paste it into instagram to get nice clean line breaks and organization. Think about how you can change up your bio seasonally to reach more followers and let people know you are on top of your account.

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