Tips to get ahead with your Facebook Business Page

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So, what should you be posting on your Business Facebook Page? And what is the best time to post? And how often should you be posting?

Let’s break it down.

Let’s start with the WHAT: commit to the 80/20 rule of social media posting for Facebook.

  • 80% of your content should offer VALUE – in the form of industry news, personal experiences, community events, advice or expertise in your arena
  • 20% of your content should be promotional

In other words you should be offering value to your audience most of the time, and then asking them to take specific action with your business some of the time.

You should offer resources, tips, information and beautiful images that excite and engage your audience regularly – your audience should be able to understand your expertise and your personality and values through these posts. Secondarily, you should promote your business or special offers a fraction of the time once you have established trust, credibility and loyalty.

Need ideas for content? Try out:

  • Articles from prestigious or trusted journals, newspapers, magazines and blogs relating to your product or area of expertise
  • “Behind the scenes” glimpses into your business operations or day-to-day life (as it relates to your business, of course)
  • Graphics with inspiring quotes
  • Short humorous videos or memes
  • Graphics with statistics about your industry, product or area of expertise

See what resonates with your audience, and take it from there.

Remember: Your tone, passion, and personality should consistently shine through in whatever content you share and how you communicate with your audience. A good rule to follow is that as you write your post, ask yourself, “is this something I would say to my peers in conversation?” If the answer is no, try again, and use your own voice. Just be real. You will see an increase in engagement, I promise!

Next question: WHEN should you be posting? Find out when your fans are online, and schedule your posts then.

Facebook truly wants your business page to be successful, so they love to give you information to help you achieve your goals. They literally tell you when you should be posting!

facebook insights

Go to your business page and click Insights, then click posts on the left sidebar. You will see a chart showing you when your fans are most active online. This is when you should schedule your posts. Weekend posts don’t seem to perform as well as weekday posts. Monday mornings and Friday afternoons also aren’t great. Think about when your audience will be picking up their phone and scrolling through Facebook. Lunch break? After the kids are in bed? Once you establish when your fans are online, you can schedule your posts. Schedule your posts, you say??

Use the schedule tool to plan your posting in advance.

facebook schedule post, facebook scheduling tool

Plan thoughtful posts weekly or monthly using the facebook scheduling tool. This is a tool available to any business page to schedule posts to appear at optimal times to reach your audience, so you can be doing other things. There is also a “save as draft” option in case you have an idea for a post but feel like you haven’t got the wording quite right.

FREQUENCY: How often should I be posting?
Ahhh… this is a big one and there are a couple schools of thought here. I have read industry expert Hubspot’s data based suggestions as well as Moz’s and combining their research with my personal experience I think that if you can post on your business page 1x-2x per week, that is enough. If you have over 10K fans, that does change and you should post more often – several times a day – but if your audience is in the hundreds, or even thousands, try to be sharing content with your audience a couple of times a week.

TOP TIP: Like and Comment As Your Page

like and comment as your facebook business page

Social media is as much about listening as it is about talking.

Do you know how to like other businesses, and comment on posts as your facebook business (rather than from your personal account?) Do you know about the comment and like as your business page features Facebook offers?

As you are growing your facebook audience, you should commit to spending time each week engaging with other pages as your business page. If you aren’t sure how to do this, read this awesome article by Social Media Examiner. By liking, commenting, and sharing other companies posts as your business page, you are informing your network that you are there to support them as well as sell your own services. I would argue that this is as important as sharing content on your facebook page.

Want to create your own Facebook Business page or discover new ways to promote your existing page? Sign up for one of my educational coaching sessions!


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