No budget for Summer Marketing? No problem.

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It feels like everyone is on vacation during the summer months; spending time with family, hanging out at the beach. Often it seems that everyone is “out of the office” until September. Don’t let your business fall into a Summer state of mind. Consumers spend the most during the summer months, second only to the holiday season.

As a small business owner, you can’t let a laid back summer way of thinking impact your marketing efforts or you will end up climbing a unsurmountable hill as you head into Fall and further into a busy holiday season. By having just a few key marketing initiatives ready to roll out in the summer months, you can capitalize on a hungry market that is poised to spend.

Here are some great, low cost ways to market your business this summer.

Take ‘em out to the ballgame: Invite clients to baseball games, professional soccer or lacrosse games. If your business doesn’t have “clients” per se, you could offer a contest to win tickets to a game at your point of sale or on social media. For a very small investment, contests and giveaways go a long way to drive great engagement and build customer loyalty.

Host an outdoor networking event. This doesn’t have to be a big event, or a pricey one. See if any local businesses want to offer a section of their outdoor space for a lunchtime gathering or early evening cocktail event for a few of your clients, VIP customers and invited guests. You could see if any other businesses with complementary offers want to get in on the fun to help defray any cost. Have an expert from your business speak for 15 minutes about something your clients will find valuable. You will be able to take advantage of the great weather while offering a fun way to stay in front of your clients.

Summer marketing, summer networking

Find creative ways to market your business during the summer holidays. Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are three holidays you should be considering in your marketing plans. Think of any seasonal ties you have with products and offer discounts and giveaways. Look out for community events like parades or homecomings that your company can sponsor or be involved with in another capacity (ie: have a table, give out swag.)

Keep the Summer email marketing fresh and creative. Because of advances in technology, people rarely ever disconnect fully from their devices. Use this to your benefit. Come up with fun summer marketing email messages that look great on mobile devices. Keep them short, sweet and entertaining. Be authentic!

If you can manage to outline a few simple, low cost marketing initiatives for the summer you will be setting yourself up for success in Q4. It will be here before we know it.

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