Happy New Year, Baby.


Well, J. Stafford Marketing is experiencing our first New Year and we are ready to take on 2016. Since we are only a few months old, resolutions seem a little, well, unwise at this time. Perhaps we can settle for some reasonable goals?

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Personally, 2015 was quite a doozy. I am learning how to juggle (loosely using that verb) starting a small business while trying to be a good mom to two babies and a loving partner to my awesome husband. We are embarking on our first winter in this fabulous old New England house in need of 74,483 repairs. I am generally trying to be a healthy and happy person in mind and body. Sound familiar to you? We all have our versions of this journey that we struggle to balance.

So, along with our professional and personal resolutions for 2016, let’s also try not be too hard on ourselves and let’s have some fun. Let’s help each other and let’s learn together. Let’s love every sweaty minute.

If we do those things, surely we can find success in some areas of our juggling act? I can’t wait to uncover the drivers behind your goals for the new year. I can’t wait to help you create amazing content and campaigns that help pave the way to your personal victories. I am so excited for what the future holds.

But for now, join me in a virtual high-five that 2015 is behind us. We did it!

Please pass the champagne.

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