Brand I am loving: Minted.

I received a gorgeous holiday card 2 years ago from a friend I consider incredibly stylish, and I immediately knew that I needed to find out where she had her cards printed, and I needed to use them for my holiday cards. Of course this friend was also incredibly early with her cards so I was able to call her and ask about her cards. She was so thrilled that I called to ask about her cards because if I used her link to order mine, she would receive referral credit. And so, after a little online exploration and consumer delight, my love of the Minted brand was born. Here are the reasons I became a promoter of Minted.

Minted logo, brand I love
1. Referral Program: I joined using their referral program, and I loved, loved, loved their design interface and selection of products and options. Also, they always have a discount code, special offer or referral code available to their customers. As someone who really won’t shop anywhere (especially somewhere that is not necessarily a bargain) where I can’t enter a promo code into that box at checkout, I can testify this is simple, smart marketing.

2. Customer Service: I have had two customer service issues with Minted in the 5 times I have purchased from them. I realize these aren’t great percentages of satisfaction, but we all know that what really counts is how the issues are handled. The first time the cards I ordered, that I paid extra to ship quickly, were not yet printed a week later after I was supposed to receive them. Yikes. I wrote a very angry email (the kind only a new mother using her holiday card to double as a birth announcement can create) and was ready to write them off completely. I received an email response immediately with an explanation that they did not anticipate the orders that they received in their first season, and that they would refund all of my shipping costs and send my cards overnight shipping the very next day. They made good on their promise, and my cards arrived with plenty of time for holiday cheer. I ordered from Minted two more times without incident, and the fourth time I bought a pretty pricey piece of artwork from them and it arrived with a tiny crack in the frame (in the back.) I wrote them an email saying it was too bad and expected a discount or a small refund for my inconvenience, and instead they SENT ME A NEW $200 piece of art, no questions asked. That, my friends, is great customer service. That is the kind of experience you share with your community.

3. The Products: I need to mention that I am a committed customer of Vistaprint. I love them, I recommend them, I use them for all things print EXCEPT for high-end cards and stationary. Their customer service is stellar and their design interface has improved each time I login. But, Minted has won my heart in the high-end cards category – they specialize in this, and the cards are gorgeous and the prices reflect this (fairly.) The cards are a heavy weight with absolutely stunning design options created by independent artists. They are all so unique and creative. Each time I visit I am sucked into the beautiful offerings and the stories behind each of the designs. Which brings me to…

4. The Minted MissionWe believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of independent artists that people do not have access to through traditional retailers. Minted uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses. All of their designs are from independent artists! Need I say more??

Check them out:

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